A new approach to Internet marketing

Ensure your site's visibility in Google searches in the target Countries: USA, UK, FR, IT,GER
Since 2010 we have been working on KPIs:
  • return on investment (ROI, ROMI) in the range of 200%,
  • ad click-through rate (CTR) in search - 10-15%,
  • achieving site goals (conversion) - 2-5%,
  • search keywords (positions) - 100-200,
  • site traffic 100-3000 (users) per day,
  • reducing the site's (bounce rate) < 30%,
  • time on site 3-5 minutes, increase in branded traffic
  • reducing site loading speed to < 0.1 sec.,
  • site visibility in search, depth of site browsing > 3-6 pages
  • optimisation score (pagespeed) > 70-90 points.
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*** Proven way of Internet marketing with a guarantee of high performance and verified deadlines

Six ingredients for successful Internet Marketing implementation
Every step matters as it has a direct impact on the conversion rate of the website. A comprehensive approach that gives maximum ROI on a website
Creation of initial design, web design, adaptive layout. Website development with support for SEO modules
Selection of semantic kernel, filling the site with information with optimisation of landing pages (langind pages)
Google Ad's
Analysis of targeted queries with high conversion rate from the site from pay-per-click advertising, to prioritise promotion on queries
Google SEO
Priority promotion of targeted queries to the top of search engines Yandex and Google, Bing
A / B testing and comprehensive analysis of the entire site, analysing transitions and sources of conversions
Working with reputation on search networks, tracking reviews and improving your online profile
Working with KPI indicator
Key Performance Indicators are performance indicators that help companies measure the success of advertising campaigns
Questions left on Internet Marketing.
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